Leadership. Culture. Engagement.

We help businesses achieve their goals through inspiring leadership, developing culture and building engagement. We do this by combining the skills and experience of leadership coaches, engagement and communication specialists and graphic designers.

What we do

Inspiring Leadership

Developing Culture

Building Engagement

We give leaders the skills and confidence to manage themselves and lead people effectively.

We help build highly engaged and energised teams of people pulling in the same direction.

We develop and deliver communication strategies which achieve the necessary shifts in attitudes and behaviour.

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    Leaders as communicators

    Leaders are the most important source of communication. They must be clear and focused, express messages simply and be able to link the big picture with the day to day. We run high impact bespoke programmes to help leaders understand the value of great communication and give them the skills, tools and confidence to do it well.

    Inspiring Line Managers

    Line managers are the frontline of communication. They are best placed to get the most from their people. We run interactive programmes to give them the skills and confidence to communicate well, by explaining, listening and making things relevant.

    Leading people through change

    Leading others through transition is demanding, especially when the leader also faces uncertainties. Getting it right is crucial though and can make the difference between a changes success or failure.  We run programmes to help leaders both manage themselves and lead their people effectively during periods of change.

    Powerful One to Ones

    One to one conversations are the jewel in the leadership crown. Done well they have huge power to engage people. We help leaders prepare for and run involving, meaningful one to one sessions.

    Leadership facilitation

    Great leadership teams have great ideas and often need help in translating these into action. We facilitate leadership meetings to help them develop their ideas and provide focus, structure and insight to put them into effect.

    Defining and telling the business narrative

    To achieve your business goals, you’ll need a highly energised and engaged workforce all pulling in the

    same direction. A business narrative can help your people engage in and embrace the future, be proud of the strength & potential of the business and feel they are making a difference. It creates a deeper understanding for people of the culture and strategy and show employees how they are actively contributing to this. Finally it creates an emotional connection to the vision and strategy – one that wins hearts and minds, raises levels of engagement, advocacy and pride.

    Insight workshops

    Organisations must ask the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ questions, understand them and address them. We help them do this by running structured Insight groups which identify why they think the way they do, its impact and what to do about it.

    Cultural Insight

    It is often hard for people within an organisation to have a clear view of its culture. We bring an objective perspective and a structured approach to give insight into how an organisation works and help embed a culture which will deliver the business strategy.

    Bringing values to life

    Most organisations have values. All too often they hang on the wall and have little impact on people’s experience. We use a proven, team based approach to develop and embed values in a way that ensures they mean something and help everyone see what they can do, day to day, to make them have an effect.

    Tone of voice

    The way people communicate with each other internally and externally has a big impact on culture. We help organisations identify and develop a tone of voice which reinforces how the organisation needs to be and then equip people to use, ‘own’ and champion the tone with everyone they contact.


    Modern organisations move fast and change frequently. Traditional opinion and attitude surveys can’t keep up. We have a dynamic, powerful tool which captures people’s views in real time, accurately, quickly and anonymously.  Heartbeat helps take the organisation’s pulse and give valuable insight into how people are feeling and why.

    Talking Points

    Conversations between managers and teams are crucial to build understanding and engagement. Managers are busy and often need help to do this well. Talking Points is a tool which enables line managers to have ongoing and purposeful discussions and create local ownership of achieving business goals. The tool also helps ensure that messages delivered across the organisation are consistent.

    Strategies and campaigns

    People are constantly bombarded by messages from everywhere. To get through, communications must be focused, clearly targeted, co-ordinated and delivered in the right way. We have wide experience of working with organisations and programme teams to develop and deliver communication strategies which achieve the necessary shifts in attitudes and behaviour.

Our Experience

Transforming the Culture

by changing the Tone of Voice.

Exploring the Business Strategy through an all Employee event.

Finding the Drivers of Employee Engagement to facilitate action.

"I can think of no higher praise than to say that Quest actually delivered Employee Engagement"

"Talking Points undoubtedly helped managers improve the way they engaged with their teams"

"The insight work was crucial as it helped Quest design a brilliant engagement plan that we have every confidence will achieve its aim – high levels of employee engagement through our transformation"





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Heartbeat is a dynamic, real-time app which takes the pulse of an organisation at an event or in the workplace, during change or other business activities.


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